Apisrom - the honey side of lifeApisrom is a Romanian private company, founded in 2005, developing as the main business the processing of bee products: honey and wax. This is carried out at a high level of performance required by the technical requirements, standards and legislation and it is executed by experienced qualified personnel. At the end of 2008 we opened the new plant, which is designed with two distinct lines: one that processes the honey and one that processes the wax. Willing to come to market with new products, each year there were made investments in modern technology and there were implemented the quality management systems ISO 9000, ISO 22000, SA8000. The company supports the continuous optimization of production, in order to improve the performance of manufactured products and ensure the food safety. The company supports the continuous optimization of production, in order to improve the performance of manufactured products and their safety. In our laboratory we are able to make determinations of bee products purchased the characteristics of and continuously monitor the quality of the products. Modern facilities and qualified personnel, the constant proof of competence and reliability and the quality of our products have contributed to the good name of the company in Romanian and European honey market. In order to ensure the high quality finished products, we implemented the food safety system HACCP and we achieved ISO 22000 certification from TUV Austria. The raw materials used in our products are acquired mainly in eastern Romania, covering one third of the country. In order to ensure consistent quality we have established relationships with a large number of beekeepers who are the main suppliers of raw materials. Honey industry development has increased in over the past 15 years due to the disappearance of heavy industry in the eastern region of Romania, which made the areas where is harvested the honey to be much less polluted as well due to the intense development of agriculture (intensively cultivated sunflower, rape etc.). Melliferous basis consists mostly in large areas of linden and acacia forests that give honey a special flavor. In recent years organic beekeeping developed using the latest technology of honey production.

Apisrom constantly attend national and international symposiums of bee products both Eco and conventional, in order to promote its reliable supplier position in the market for honey and wax sheets foundation. We are present on the market with a complex portfolio of products destined to the European market as well as Romanian market of catering and retail. For the European market, have signed commercial agreements to supply acacia honey, linden, polyfloral, sunflower, rape, with companies from countries like France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria and Slovakia.

Apisrom values are performance, quality, innovation the respect and commitment to customers and business partners involved in the development of production technology to ensure the quality and safety of end products. The interest of our company to meet commitments under contracts in proven by the rigor in ensuring the quality and rate of supply that meets the highest levels of expectation of all our partners.

Quick facts and figures

Based in: Muntenii de jos, Vaslui, Romania

Founded in: 2005

Turnover: 4,5 mil. EURO

Number of employees: 18

Locations: 3

Processed bee honey (2015): 1250 t

-from which  150 t organic honey

Processed bee wax: 60 t


Website: www.apisrom.ro

E-mail: office@apisrom.ro

Phone: +4.0235.31.15.56

General manager: Dumitru Rascanu