Apicola Costache PRESERVING THE TRADITION inherited from generation to generation, APICOLA COSTACHE was born in 2005, from Costache Marin's desire to bequeath his knowledge and love for apiculture.

THE PRODUCTS "MOS COSTACHE" give the best quality honey, attentively selected. The analysis bulletins issued by Romanian and German laboratories are the guarantee for complying with active regulation.

THE ISO accrediation for quality control and Agreco for the BIO honey prove our quality and seriousness.

apicola costache standOUR PASSION for apiculture, and our best quality products have enabled APICOLA COSTACHE to become one of the greatest Romanian honey producers, both on the local and international markets.

SO WE ARE suppliers to the biggest relaters In Romania: Carrefour, Auchan, Kaufland, Lidl Romania and Bulgaria (exclusive distributor), Metro, Selgros, Penny XXL Mega Discount, Real Hyper-Stores.

Apicola Costache productsWE HAVE the largest capacity for homogenizing capacity in Romania (one batch of 40 To) equipped to the highest technical and quality standards.

IT WAS OUR DESIRE to better understand the rapidly changing market and to satisfy our clients' needs that APICOLA COSTACHE became the first Romanian company that carried out a neuromarketing research-one of the most innovative research techniques on consumer behavior.

Quick facts and figures

Based in: Ion Roată, Ialomița, Romania

Founded in: 2005

Turnover: 5.2 mil. EURO

Number of employees: 33

Locations: 1

Processed bee honey (2015): 1570t


Website: www.apicolacostache.ro

E-mail: office@apicolacostache.ro

Phone: +4.0744.34.46.34

General manager: Marius Cazacu